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DREAM // Travel Scarf

  • $45.00
  • $45.00
Hidden Zipper Pocket
Keep your wallet safe
Travel Tested
Makes an amazing gift
Waypoint Goods


The DREAM scarf pattern comes from a photograph of a piece of art created by Annie Denison as a Featured Artist in the Waypoint Goods Art Series.  

We are all dreamers.  This painting celebrates the carefree and optimistic views of the future while cultivating a sense of wonder with the world around us.

It is the first pattern of the DREAM & DESIRE pair.  


The DREAM and DESIRE prints both come from the same canvas at different stages of the process. The early stages of the painting are light and ethereal with soft hues of blue, pinks and purples.  Annie captured this moment in the design process in a photograph and created the DREAM pattern.  Just as DREAMS often evolve into DESIRES, reds, golds and blacks made their way onto the canvas. The energy and intensity build and becomes the passionate DESIRE pattern. It is the powerful final moment in the DREAM and DESIRE evolution.

1% of sales of the ANNIE DENISON // ART Series Scarves will be donated to the nonprofit organization of her choice: THE NEIGHBORHOOD ARTS COLLECTIVE

12+ acrylic paint colors

8+ ink colors

5 layers of poured medium

72 hours of curing time

1 24” x 18”canvas

2 Art Series patterns

1 timelapse video


See more of Annie's work here:

Read the full interview here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Linda Behling
I customized it for my size

It’s fabulous colors! Many would like its size. My first time trying a travel scarf. Since I am 5’1” and claustrophobic, and I sew, I took it apart to cut the length shorter and also some inches off the width. So now one layer covers my chest but does not hang below my waist or feel too thick at the back of my neck. I will be carrying just small flat objects in the pocket, so it will be fine. I also ordered a scarf in the bamboo/cotton fabric which is great, but again, I made it much smaller to suit me.

Kelly D.

This scarf is so soft and the colors are beautiful. I love it because it is both functional and looks great.

Jennifer L.

I love these scarves! I purchased three for a trip to Italy, used them daily to carry my passport and small wallet. Very nice material, comfortable to wear. Washed well when I came home. I've bought one more for a gift, and will probably pick up a few more in the future!

Laura G. from Cornell

The jersey material is so comfy and these are very well made. Kind of like wearing art.