Waypoint Candles // Entire Collection (Havana, Denver & Paris)




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Paris is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and extraordinary food.  There are so many masterpieces throughout the city from the Notre Dame to the Mona Lisa.  A trip through the City of Love isn't complete without a fantastic meal and champagne toast!

The Paris Candle is inspired by the elegant and timeless culture of this European Capital.

Lavender is integrated into so many classic perfumes and classic French cuisine and its subtle aroma is ever-present in Paris.

As you sit to dine alfresco in the City of Lights, something seasoned with Herbs de Provance is likely on the menu.  Hints of rosemary are prominent in your favorite French dishes.

The finishing touch is the taste and bubbly excitement of a champagne toast!

Travel to France with the Paris Candle! 

Lavender // Rosemary // Champagne



Havana is a city drenched in mystery from a time long past.  From antique cars to salsa dancing on rooftops and rum cocktails and beach sunsets, you can't help but fall in love with Havana.  The city wouldn't be complete without the iconic tendrils of cigar smoke drifting through the streets while live music pulses to the rhythm of the city. 

The Havana Candle is inspired by the mystery and passionate spirit of this incredible city lost in time.

The cigar is so quintessentially Cuban and the smell of tobacco is woven into the culture of the nation and the city.

Havana truly comes alive at night with a lively music and salsa scene and the fragrances of night-blooming flowers accompany you to your evening on the town.

A touch of honey from your Canchanchara cocktail round out the Havana scent!

Travel to Cuba with the Havana Candle! 

Tobacco // Honey // Jasmine



The energy and excitement of Denver are rooted in the natural environment around the city.  There is always a new outdoor activity to try from hiking and biking to skiing and kayaking.  Even the concerts are hosted outside in the incredible Red Rocks Amphitheater blending the sounds, smells, and sights of Denver. 

The Denver Candle is inspired by the incredible outdoors. 

The scent of sage and sweetgrass instantly transport you to the arid foothills of the Front Range.  

The array of colorful wildflowers in the alpine meadows are simply breathtaking.

Just a hint of pine on the breeze reminds you that the mountains are calling...

Travel to Colorado with the Denver Candle!   

Sage // Sweetgrass // Pine // Wildflowers



  • 9 oz. white glass tumbler

  • Custom designed walnut hardwood coaster lids.  These coaster lids are made to be reused as coasters in your home or office long after your candle has flickered out. 

  • Hand Made in Denver, Colorado by Candeleria

  • 100% soy derived from American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn.

  • We use lead-free cotton wicks primed with vegetable-based wax and premium grade blended fragrance and essential oils. No added dyes or chemicals. 

    Burn time: Approx. 60 hours per candle
    Tumbler Height: 3.375"
    Tumbler Diameter: 3.1875"