Imperfect Balance Earrings


Perfect is overrated and boring.  Imperfection is all about embracing the uniqueness that is you and owning it as the thing that makes you so special!  Empowered women know that the illusion of Perfection is just that, an illusion.  They know that beauty is in the balance of the imperfections!

Work/life balance, family/self balance, tacos/pizza balance.  There is so much in life that we juggle as women and I want you to know that it is an ever-changing ratio and that you are doing a great job!  

When you practice imperfect balance, you don't worry about the small stuff and know that everything works out exactly as it's supposed to.  The cyclic nature of these things is manifested in the intertwined circles in these earrings.  Slip these on to be reminded that balance is most certainly imperfect and to let go of perfection and just be the best, imperfect version of yourself!

5% of sales will be donated to the Bennett Belle's Passport Program!  Bennett College is a historically black liberal arts college for women in Greensboro, NC. Your donation will help fund their Passport Program which helps fund passport application fees for students!


  • 1-1/2" tall x 1" wide x 1/8" thick
  • earring hook adds another 1" to height
  • baltic birch wood
  • laser cut
  • sealed with a water-based polyurethane
  • sterling silver hypoallergenic wire earring hooks
  • packaging designed and made by Waypoint Goods specifically for this collection to look beautiful, hold up to the rigors of shipping, and be recyclable!
  • wearing these often result in realizing that perfection is boring and embracing everything that makes you unique!