STADIUM Series Travel Scarf // Navy & Orange




NCAA: Virginia, Illinois, Syracuse, Florida State

NFL: Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears

NHL: New York Islanders


Being a fan is no small commitment!  You are loyal, determined and steadfast!  From students to alumni, college to pro, pre season to post season, you are part of it all.

VERSATILE // Can be used as a scarf, shawl or blanket to keep you warm for those chilly games.

SIZE // A loose double wrap allows the scarf to sit naturally over your shoulders without being too tight or too long.  The scarf is 22" wide and 32” long.

SUPERIOR FABRIC  // The light polyester fabric is soft and buttery smooth and feels great to wear all day.

LARGE POCKET // The large pocket is 8” wide and 7” deep.   Roomy enough for your gameday tickets, phone, keys, credit cards, ID and even a snack for halftime.

ACCENT COLOR  // The pocket is lined with a lighter team color with a custom Waypoint Goods Pattern so you can see what’s in your pocket.

SECURE  // The hidden pocket blends into the wide folds of the scarf eliminating the outline of your secure essentials.

TESTED //  Rigorous testing, sampling, revising and retesting were done to bring you the infinity travel scarf that is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

GIFT READY //  Because first impressions do matter, we created sleek packaging with the same attention to detail and design inspiration as scarf itself.

STYLING TIP // Place the pocket loop closest to your body and use the other loop to drape over the top and hide the pocket and contents.

WASHING // Hand wash cold with mild detergent and lay flat to dry.