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Travel Journaling Bundle

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Pens and Paper are a Perfect Pair! 


Embark on a journey of self-expression with the Wander Write Travel Pens, a meticulously crafted set of 5 pens designed exclusively for adventurous women who embrace the thrill of exploration.

Each pen is a work of art, individually engraved with powerful travel words – "travel, adventure, journey, wanderlust, explore."

Let your words become the narrative of your travels, as you capture the essence of every destination with WanderWrite. Empower your stories, embrace your adventures, and express your unique journey through the ink of Wander Write pens. Elevate your writing experience and commemorate the moments that define your extraordinary life.


Embark on a journey of imagination and inspiration with our Jetset Journals, meticulously crafted for the modern female traveler. These A5 lined kraft notebooks, presented in a set of three, are more than just pages – they're gateways to your next adventure.

Each journal is adorned with laser-cut and engraved covers featuring minimalistic airplane-themed designs. The elegant simplicity captures the essence of air travel, allowing your thoughts to take flight. With 30 sheets in each notebook (60 pages in total), these journals are your passport to planning, journaling, list-making, and creative brainstorming.

Designed for the wanderlust seeker, Jetset Journals cater to those who crave the thrill of exploration and the joy of documenting their journey. The whimsical and fun tone encourages you to dream, plan, and capture moments that transcend the ordinary.

Details of Jetset Journals
- Set of 3 Lined Kraft Journals
- Each cover is laser engraved with a unique travel themed design
- A5 size - 8.5" x 5.5"
- 30 sheets, 60 pages of high quality lined paper

Details of Wander Write Travel Pens
- Set of 5 retractable ballpoint ink pens in a variety of colors
- Each is engraved with an inspirational travel phrase
- Super fine .5mm tip for precise writing and sketching
- Pen clip slides smoothly and won't leave marks
- Luxurious soft touch feel 
- Fade resistant and quick dry ink