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Travel Scarf // Hibiscus

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Travel inspires and delights us. Shouldn’t your travel accessories do the same? Waypoint Goods is a design studio focused on creating timeless, beautiful pieces that enhance your travel experience.

Introducing the Infinity Travel Scarf // Stylish. Secure. Unexpected.

Travel made easier with a fashionable scarf to securely keep your phone, passport wallet, keys and other essentials safely concealed in a hidden pocket.

HIDDEN POCKET // Securely store your essentials in a large zippered pocket

CONVENIENT // Ditch your bag and keep your hands free while traveling

STYLISH // Available in a variety of colors to match any and all travel destinations and wardrobe preferences

STYLISH // Available in a variety of colors to match any and all travel destinations and wardrobe preferences

GIFT WORTHY // Give a gift is unique and functional for travel and adventure

VERSATILE // Can be used as a scarf, shawl or blanket to keep you warm on those long flights

SIZE // A loose double wrap allows the scarf to sit naturally over your shoulders without being too tight or too long. Scarf is 22" wide and 32” long.

SUPERIOR FABRIC // The light polyester fabric is soft and buttery smooth and feels great to wear all day

LARGE POCKET // The large pocket is 8” wide and 7” deep. Roomy enough for your Passport Wallet, boarding pass, phone, maps, bike lock keys and any other valuables.

ACCENT COLOR // The pocket is lined with a lighter complementary color with a custom Waypoint Goods Pattern so you can see what’s in your pocket and provide a fun accent color

SECURE // The hidden pocket blends into the wide folds of the scarf eliminating the outline of your secure essentials

COORDINATE // Perfectly designed to work with the Waypoint Goods Minimalist Passport Wallet. Combine the two for the ultimate travel arsenal!

TRAVEL TESTED // Rigorous testing, sampling, revising and retesting were done to bring you the infinity travel scarf that is everything you need and nothing you don’t

GIFT READY // Because first impressions do matter, we created sleek packaging with the same attention to detail and design inspiration as scarf itself This is the one that you have been waiting for. After all of the searching, you have found what you are looking for. Now you just need to plan your next adventure!

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