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The must-have airplane travel accessory for female travelers who want to keep their passport safe, stash their carry-on essentials with them at their seat (and not in the overhead bin), and keep them warm on those freezing flights. (Hint - it's not your grandmother's money belt, it's an infinity travel scarf with a pocket!

We help female travelers who want to be empowered to go on that bucket list trip and know that their passports & other travel essentials are safely and discretely stashed in a secret zipper pocket in their infinity scarf, instantly transforming them from anxious, nervous travelers into calm, confident jetsetters who can't wait for their next adventure!

Waypoint Goods is a travel-obsessed, female-empowered design studio creating accessories to help female travelers make the most of their trips and help them curate their travel-themed home decor while inspiring their wanderlust in between adventures.

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