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Travel Journal

  • $12.00
  • $12.00

The Travel Journal is all about keeping you living in the moment while traveling with quick fill in the blank prompts and questions that get to what really matters. 

While you are on your trip, things are busy.  Like, really busy.  You have a lot going on and we wanted to create a journal with that in mind.  Our daily pages are fill in the blank style (ala Mad Libs) and easy for you to highlight everything that happened.  

No more staring at a blank page trying to craft the perfect sentence!  

No crazy fancy leather-bound journals that are actually too nice to write in. 

Don't go on one more trip without recording those incredible memories.

This journal is a tool to enhance your entire travel experience, from before you leave, during your travels and when you return home.

         14 day travel journal

         14 unique daily prompts

         1 packing list

         4 pages of travel recap questions

         4" x 6"

         58 pages