• HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle
  • HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle
  • HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle
  • HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle
  • HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle
  • HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle
  • HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle
  • HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle
  • HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle

HAWAII // Wanderlust Candle


 There is nowhere on earth quite like Hawaii!  This candle authentically captures the dynamic landscape, lush foliage, and natural beauty of this incredible place!

Hibiscus // Fern // Koa Wood

Travel to Hawaii with the Hawaii Candle!

Hibiscus // This tropical flower is at the heart of Hawaiian culture as well as the state flower.  This gorgeous bloom creates a sweet and exotic floral scents that instantly transports you to a tropical paradise

Fern // The laua'e' fern grows everywhere in Hawaii from lava fields to lush forests bringing a cool, lush and earthy scent to this candle.

Koa Wood // This bold and spicy aroma comes from this legendary tree that is only found on the Hawaiian islands.


  • 9 oz. white glass tumbler

  • Custom-designed walnut hardwood coaster lids.  These coaster lids are made to be reused as coasters in your home or office long after your candle has flickered out. 

  • Hand Made in Denver, Colorado by Candeleria

  • 100% soy derived from American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn.

  • We use lead-free cotton wicks primed with vegetable-based wax and premium-grade blended fragrance and essential oils. No added dyes or chemicals. 

    Burn time: Approx. 60 hours per candle
    Tumbler Height: 3.375"
    Tumbler Diameter: 3.1875"

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