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Welcome to Waypoint Goods

What we are about

Travel + Design

Travel is the heartbeat of Waypoint Goods. It fuels our passion and ignites our creativity. Every product you find here is a testament to our unwavering love for exploration and a celebration of the beauty found in every corner of the globe. Our meticulously designed accessories are not only functional but also stunning works of art that inspire wanderlust and evoke a sense of place.

Architect Turns Product Designer

It all started with the Travel Scarf

In 2017, Waypoint Goods was born out of a simple yet ingenious idea – the Travel Scarf. Created as a solution for female travelers seeking both style and security, the Travel Scarf features a hidden zipper pocket that keeps your essentials safe and close at hand. Since then, our customers have taken the Travel Scarf around the world, spanning all seven continents, and it has become a symbol of freedom, confidence, and adventurous spirit. Browse our collection of thoughtfully designed travel accessories and discover the perfect companion for your next adventure!

Empowering, Inspiring, and Encouraging Travel

Travel brings us Together

It matters.

Supporting Women-Owned Small Business

When you choose Waypoint Goods, you're not just buying a product – you're supporting a women-owned small business. We're proud to be part of a growing movement that recognizes and celebrates the contributions of female entrepreneurs. So, high-five to you for joining us on this incredible journey!