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Never Worry About Pickpockets Again!

Meet the Travel Scarf

Rave Reviews

  • This was one of the BEST purchases I have ever made! My favorite thing about the entire scarf is the fact that I never had to worry about pickpockets. I knew my items were secure and they were so hidden, I really didn't have to worry at all.

    C. Vandiver

  • Perfect for the frequent traveler! This is awesome! As a frequent traveler who almost always travels with a scarf, this will become one of my go-to pieces.

    Global Girl

  • Love this scarf! I used it to stash my passport and extra cash when traveling in Europe. Very stylish and warm!

    Hattie Mae

  • I am very glad I bought this one as there is gorgeous dimension in the colors. It is soft and lightweight. The hidden pocket is a perfect size for an ID, card and a few bills. While you could put your phone in there, I don't. This scarf has been great for quick errands, walks, etc. where I need to carry minimal items. I can see how it would be one of my staples for work and travel.

    Alice R

So Many Ways to Style the Travel Scarf!

Lightweight & Original

Two Different Styles

Your Questions Answered

Money belts are often plastic and will stick to you and make you sweat. Also, you have to partially undress to be able to access them. Neck wallets are even more uncomfortable and pickpockets know to target them.

The travel scarf is discreet and offers a solution to keep your essentials hidden while also looking like a local instead of a tourist.

Not if you style it correctly!

Here is my favorite way:

1.ย  Loop the scarf over your head.ย  I usually put the zipper pocket on my right side, since I am right handed but do what is easiest for you.ย  Unzip and place your valuables in the scarf pocket.

2.ย  Zip the pocket closed and move the pocket up to the top of your shoulder.ย  This will keep it from dragging down and puts the weight onto your shoulder and not pulling on your neck.

3.ย  Twist and double loop the scarf over your head.ย  The top loop will cover the outline of anything in your pocket making it appear simply as a fashion accessory instead of a stealthy secret storage accessory.ย ย 

Nope! This is all in the way you wear your scarf.

My favorite tip is to move my pocket up to the top of my shoulder, almost on my collarbone. Then the weight of the contents rests on your chest and doesn't hang on your neck.

If you keep all of your essential (and light) objects in your scarf pocket - like passport, boarding pass, hotel key card, small card wallet, etc - you will barely feel anything in your scarf.

I don't love putting my phone in my scarf pocket. I often need it more frequently for taking photos, getting directions, translating signs, etc. It is also by far the most heavy thing you will likely put in your scarf.

It doesn't mean that they bag itself can't just be stolen. Carrying a bag or purse around while you are travel is a giant hassel. You have to check them in a locker at musems and are always batting them out of the way to look at things in a market or shop.

The travel scarf gives you the option to go handsfree for convenience while still having your essentials stashed safely and discreetly away.

Our lightweight bamboo & cotton scarf is perfect for you! It is made from all natural materials that wick and keep you cool. The light fabric feels barely there while still providing the convenience of a pocket. There are lots of ways to style it, like a sash, that keep the bulk of the fabric off your neck and keeping you from overheating.

Alternatively, you can fight fire with ice and stash a small ice pack in zipper pocket to discreetly cool off!

The world is your oyster!ย  You can put anything that you need to keep close, safe and secure in your scarf pocket!

Here is a list of other things that people have put in their pocket:

- Passport
- Boarding Pass
- Headphones
- Keys
- Sunglasses / Glasses
- Lipstick / Chapstick
- Small cooling pack (if you suffer from hot flashes)
- EpiPen
- Gum & Snacks
- ID cards, Hotel Key Card
- Pen / Marker
- Baby Supplies (pacifier, toys, etc)
- Pet Supplies (dog waste bags, treats, etc)
- Hand Sanitizer
- Face Mask
- Phone (The pocket is big enough that any phone will fit in it, even with a hefty case)

Anything you want to keep safe and secure!

Thats fine, but are you a "I want to travel safely and have the convenience of a pocket" person?

The Travel Scarf is just a much a tool for making travel (heck, and life!) more convenient! Most of our customers use the travel scarf at home for running errands, date night, concerts, and everywhere that they don't want to bring a purse!

Absolutely not! A pocket is a pocket! As women, most of our clothes don't have pockets or have pockets that can hold a single stick of gum.

Here are some places that the travel scarf shines:

  • Anywhere you can't take a bag
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Museums
  • Sporting Events
  • Shopping
  • Errands
  • Dog Walks
  • Trains & Buses
  • Heavy Air Conditioned Spaces

Yes! We have free USPS shipping to anywhere in the US! If you need faster shipping or prefer a different carrier (UPS) you can upgrade your shipping. If your scarf doesn't work out, we will create a prepaid label for the return.

We always suggest hand washing with a mild detergent and lay flat to dry.ย  We know that is not always possible (or realistic).ย  You can also machine wash on delicate and lay flat to dry.

Ok, let do it!

Travel Scarf

Now you are ready to make travel easier, safer and more convenient!