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Download the FREE Dream Trip Worksheet

Download the FREE Dream Trip Worksheet

The Dream Trip Worksheet makes it easy to plan your next adventure!

Over the last few days, I got to slow down and really think about what goes into that very initial moment of dreaming up a trip. I got back to what I love (designing beautiful and functional things to inspire your travels) and created this Dream Trip worksheet to help give a framework for cultivating that first moment of thinking about a dream trip.

This Dream Trip worksheet is the very beginning phase of thinking about a trip. 

It's the moment where that foggy mental image of the place you have always wanted to go becomes a little bit clearer. 

Not crystal clear yet, but just starting to come into focus.


The first question asks you to dig deep and ask yourself where you really want to go.  


This is something that a lot of people overlook. 

It is easy to think that you would like to do ALL of the things on your trip, but that is just not possible. 

If you can prioritize what you want to focus on and spend your time on, it will be a much more fulfilling Dream Trip. Then you can move forward planning more of the details with the right types of activities. 


The rest of the questions help you sketch together a basic WHO, WHEN and HOW of the trip without getting too bogged down with details. 

Remember, this is just the very tip of the iceberg for your trip! 

We are just getting started. ;)

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This video will help you see how to fill out each part of the Dream Trip worksheet!

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I hope you enjoy this Dream Trip planner!


Caitlin Blythe

Waypoint Goods // Owner & Founder

Caitlin began Waypoint Goods to help and inspire women to get out and travel while feeling safe and fashion forward.  She creates custom patterns and designs for the travel scarves based on her travels. Her past life as an architect makes the brand contemporary and modern while focusing on empowering women to travel.