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CARBON // Travel Scarf

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Hidden Zipper Pocket
Keep your wallet safe
Travel Tested
Makes an amazing gift
Waypoint Goods

Travel inspires and delights us. Shouldn't your travel accessories do the same?

Waypoint Goods is a design studio focused on creating timeless, beautiful pieces that enhance your travel experience

Introducing the Infinity Travel Scarf // Stylish. Secure. Unexpected.

Travel made easier with a fashionable scarf to securely keep your phone, passport wallet, keys and other essentials safely concealed in a hidden pocket.

LIGHTWEIGHT // This scarf is created in the LIGHTWEIGHT Bamboo & Cotton style.  It is narrower and longer (18" wide by 34" long) than the original scarf (22" x 32") and made from your favorite natural materials.  

SUPERIOR QUALITY // The Waypoint Goods Travel Scarf is made from a soft yet durable fabric meticulously stitched with a pocket large enough to fit your iPhone+ with room for a passport, keys and some cash. This means traveling just got easier for you to keep your belonging safe, secure and inconspicuous while being fashion forward on the go

EXPERIENCE MORE // No more clunky purses or awkward backpacks to get between you and your travel experience. Our Travel Scarf frees up your hands to be able to peruse fruit in the market, take that once in a lifetime photo, and explore a world class museum. Focus on the art, culture and where to next instead of worrying about pickpockets.

SAFETY FIRST & FASHION FORWARD // Enjoy the freedom of knowing your belongings are safe, secure and in an unexpected location while still feeling your best, expressing your unique sense of style all while looking like a local instead of a tourist. No more pulling sweaty euros out of a money belt, just unzip your hidden scarf pocket and slip out your cash, cards, or keys.

WHO WE ARE // Waypoint Goods is a boutique design studio believing in creating quality products for a modern traveller with a contemporary lifestyle. On the plane, to the show or to coffee, we make products that you can take anywhere and will hold up to your bold, adventurous lifestyle. We are real people who design products we want to use and expect nothing but the best. We don't settle for less and neither should you.

GIFT WORTHY // You know that person who is impossible to buy for? Well, you're in luck! This is it! Give a gift that is as unique and functional for travel as it is for everyday life. From Graduations to Birthdays, Anniversaries to Holidays, a Travel Scarf is the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe and travel arsenal. Don't worry, you won't let them down. 

TRAVEL TESTED // Rigorous testing, sampling, revising and retesting were done to bring you the infinity travel scarf that is everything you need and nothing you don't

GIFT READY // Because first impressions do matter, we created sleek packaging with the same attention to detail and design inspiration as the scarf itself.

STYLING TIP // Place the pocket loop closest to your body and use the other loop to drape over the top and hide the pocket and contents

Washing Instructions // Hand wash cold with mild detergent and lay flat to dry

For more information about a travel scarf in general, check out this page: What is a Travel Scarf?

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Helen Spacht
Travel Must Have

I received another travel scarf from Waypoint Goods. This is a lighter version which I love. While it is marketed for travel, I use mine regularly. I love that my license and credit cards and phone are safe and I have both hands free. I also use it as a shawl when I am chilled. New mothers it would provide the privacy needed while nursing your little ones. Like I said, a “must have”.

Mary Olson

My order of two Travel Scarves in bamboo & cotton arrived today. I ordered these as holiday gifts. They are wonderful - fabric, color, style, discreet pocket, extremely practical and useful.
I want to keep one, yet will get my own later - maybe two as the prints are great!!!
Suggestion: include a card/brochure with information about the scarves that are shown under FAQs on your website. That way people will have details without having to go online.

Amanda Herzog
truly the best

high quality, beautiful color, easy zip pouch is roomy. I'm pleased and will be buying more for Christmas gifts

Claudia L.
Perfect travel scarf

It is light but still warm and not bulky. Perfect to toss in your luggage. I love the material. The zipper of the pocket is not as cheap as I thought it would be so that's quite good.

So soft and drapes so nicely around my neck.

This is great! It is amazing how the items are hidden. You don't even know that they are there! Not only great for traveling but also for use in stadiums and other venues where you can't take a purse.