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5 Unexpected Essentials to Pack for Havana

So... Cuba? How excited are you?!  

Your tickets are booked, your casa particular is rented, your camera is ready.  Now, what to pack to ensure that you have a once in a lifetime adventure?   

Here were my top 5 essentials that I could not have lived without:

LIFESTRAW // This is my new absolute favorite travel essential! Don't get stuck trying to find bottled water all over town. Just fill the bottle with tap water and get on with your adventure.

HAT // Sure, a Fedora seems like the natural choice, but I needed a full brim hat to give my face some sun protection and the mesh back to keep me cool in the warm climate. Elevate your hat game with fun colors and a trucker style.

SUN SHIRT // I wore this shirt EVERY DAY. Once the sun rose above the buildings, the sun and heat get intense. If you are outside in the middle of the day, it's really best to cover up. It actually keeps you cooler and protects your skin. I saw plenty of really bad sunburns. Don't be that person. Plus, this shirt has roll-up sleeves, a wide lapel collar, and pockets making it a much more fashionable option than a dorky safari shirt!  

RUNNING SHOES // You are going to want a closed toe, comfortable walking shoe. Havana is enormous and if you have any hopes of exploring it by foot (which I highly recommend, vs taxi or car) for a few days, you need something comfortable. Especially in Old Havana, there is broken glass and questionable puddles that you want to avoid.

DAY PACK // This pack has been around the world with me and for good reason. It packs down to nothing inside my carry on bag and is perfect for day trips. It's a waterproof roll top so it can fit whatever you need that day and keep it dry.  

You are set! Have a wonderful trip! 


Caitlin Blythe

Waypoint Goods // Owner & Founder

Caitlin began Waypoint Goods to help and inspire women to get out and travel while feeling safe and fashion forward.  She creates custom patterns and designs for the travel scarves based on her travels. Her past life as an architect makes the brand contemporary and modern while focusing on empowering women to travel.