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A Local's Guide to Eating & Drinking in Havana

Havana is a city of vibrant colors, warm people, and cold drinks.  Ernest Hemingway is famously quoted for saying "My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in La Floridita."  With so many renowned establishments, it is beyond hard to chose where to eat and drink in Havana.  I opted for trying a few of the popular ones and a few that people had recommended to me.  Below is a mixed list of my favorites.

Located in Old Havana, Rum Rum (slang for "gossip") is a great place to get off your feet, enjoy a rum drink and people watch. I had a delicious paella and sipped mojitos while listening to live music. It is not a hidden gem by any means, but it is still worth checking out!

7 Dias 

I did an Airbnb experience here on my first day in Havana and it was amazing! The "off the beaten path" location and beachfront views are amazing.  The cocktails were to die for! The best part was learning to make them myself!

This tucked away little local's hot spot was shown to me by Lis, my wonderful yoga instructor from my Airbnb experience.  It is her favorite spot on the local's side of town and everyone else I met felt the same way. In addition to a fabulous guava juice and a roasted vegetable sandwich, we had "french toast" for dessert. Imagine traditional french toast, but served cold and with a fruit syrup reduction. Yeah... so good!

Mediterraneo Havana 

This was one of the swankiest places I ate, but it was so worth it! Sit on the patio on the second floor and watch the street life while sipping Italian wine and eating lobster ravioli. The tiramisu was a great finishing note.

La Juguera de 3ra y 6

This super tiny locals spot is tucked away near the Malecon and has what feels like 100 juice options and combinations. You can choose from honey and basil or pineapple guava. A perfect refreshment for a warm day.

Want more options?

The Ala Mesa (At the Table) app is an amazing resource for more options.  They have created an offline app that gives information about all of the restaurants and bars in Havana, including their hours and location, cuisine and price range. Remember to download this before you arrive, because the wifi situation in Cuba is tricky...

There are no shortages of amazing places to eat and drink while you are in Havana. The hardest part is just deciding. 


Caitlin Blythe

Waypoint Goods // Owner & Founder

Caitlin began Waypoint Goods to help and inspire women to get out and travel while feeling safe and fashion forward.  She creates custom patterns and designs for the travel scarves based on her travels. Her past life as an architect makes the brand contemporary and modern while focusing on empowering women to travel.