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Traveling Simply with Life-Threatening Food Allergies: A Mom’s Perspective

Traveling Simply with Life-Threatening Food Allergies: A Mom’s Perspective

Being a mom to two children with life-threatening food allergies means always being on the lookout for ways to keep life simple and safe for my children.  Whether we’re heading out the door in the morning for school, visiting friends for a cookout, or hopping on a plane to a new destination, we always have our allergy action plan and epinephrine with us. 
As someone who has spent the past seven years creating and living a simple life, traveling light-both literally and figuratively-has always been a priority.   For our family, this has meant keeping capsule wardrobes, limiting our home décor items, choosing sightseeing over shopping and focusing on living a life of experiences over things.  Giving our children the opportunities to experience other cultures and explore new environments are priorities we value as a family and we’re determined to do it safely with their allergies in mind.
Luckily, for the 32 million Americans dealing with food allergies, new research, more resources, expanded awareness and increased advocacy continue to make safer environments for those who confront allergy-related challenges every day and in their travels. 

I recently shared steps we take to travel with food allergies.   From what we consider in the early stages of choosing a destination to what we include in our allergy kit, it’s a process that we’ve used and continue to build upon for our travels.  We’ve created and used this list for RV trips across the US, weekend getaways, plane trips and visits to foreign countries. Our list evolves as our children grow and our adventures change, but one thing is certain-we always have our allergy kits and epinephrine with us.

Thankfully, we’ve found a new, stylish and versatile option for carrying these important items with us at all times – the Waypoint Travel Scarves!  


As a simple living, food allergy mom, they are the perfect addition to our travel wardrobes.  Adding this scarf to my collection has meant:

  • Always having my children’s allergy kit and epinephrine with me and easily accessible
  • Traveling light and hands free without a purse or backpack-so freeing!
  • Staying warm on planes by using it as a blanket
  • Having a stylish and versatile accessory to my everyday wardrobe

While being a food allergy mom is not something I chose, it is something I must diligently navigate every single day.  It’s always exciting to find new resources and products to help us keep our travels safe and simple. As my children get older and I slowly shift the responsibility to them to stay safe and always have their allergy kits, it’s encouraging to know there are options to help make their lives simpler, safer and stylish!  

How will you use your Waypoint Travel Scarf to travel simply and safely?


Lisa Luken

Simply Joy Living

Lisa focuses on helping women simplify their lives and focus on experiences over things.   
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