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Four Activities to Do Now to Have More Energy for Your Next Trip

by Becki Rupp
You did it – you booked that activity-filled trip that’s been on your mind for years. Or maybe you’re still in the planning phase. You can almost smell the air, taste the food and feel the excitement of experiencing the culture at your destination! As you think about what you want to do, you may be wondering how you’re actually going to have the energy to do it all. So as you get ready for your next vacation, invest in these four activities before you leave. You’ll have more strength and stamina, so you can do it all and still have energy at the end of the day!

Traveling Simply with Life-Threatening Food Allergies: A Mom’s Perspective

by Caitlin Blythe
Being a mom to two children with life-threatening food allergies means always being on the lookout for ways to keep life simple...