DESIRE // Travel Scarf



The DESIRE scarf pattern comes from a photograph of a piece of art created by Annie Denison as a Featured Artist in the Waypoint Goods Art Series.  

The reds, golds, blacks and oranges swirl together to create a blend of power, energy passion and desire. We are all as strong, brave and beautiful as this painting.

It is the second pattern of the DREAM & DESIRE pair.  

The DREAM and DESIRE prints both come from the same canvas at different stages of the process. The early stages of the painting are light and ethereal with soft hues of blue, pinks and purples.  Annie captured this moment in the design process in a photograph and created the DREAM pattern.  Just as DREAMS often evolve into DESIRES, reds, golds and blacks made their way onto the canvas. The energy and intensity build and becomes the passionate DESIRE pattern. It is the powerful final moment in the DREAM and DESIRE evolution. 

1% of sales of the ANNIE DENISON // ART Series Scarves will be donated to the nonprofit organization of her choice: THE NEIGHBORHOOD ARTS COLLECTIVE

12+ acrylic paint colors

8+ ink colors

5 layers of poured medium

72 hours of curing time

1 24” x 18”canvas

2 Art Series patterns

1 timelapse video


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