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We are pleased to introduce our very first artist/blogger collaborative scarf by Alison ᐤ Jane!

I met Alison Abbott at the Women in Travel Summit in Portland, Maine and was thrilled with the idea of collaborating with Alison and her creative partner Jane to turn one of their digital art pieces into a textile pattern for a Waypoint Travel Scarf.

We can't wait to share JASMINE & JAIN with you!


"We were inspired on an early morning visit to the flower market in Jaipur, India. Surrounded by a sea of people wearing vibrant and geometric patterns, we stepped over and around bulging bundles of golden marigolds and fragrant rose petals. All of this was a glimpse of both royal and diverse Jaipur. The painted and layered canvas titled Jasmine and Jain came to life. The scarf is an adaption from the full canvas. 

It is a reminder of the beauty and light in the frenzied pace of the morning market ritual where flowers are weighed, bought and sold to adorn altars for prayer, for weddings, and for funerals. The all-encompassing aspects of Indian life are celebrated with intoxicating scents and vibrant shades and hues. The colors chosen for Jasmine & Jain are high energy tones to reflect the rhythm of the market and the general assault of the senses that we call India." - alison ᐤ jane


INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHTS: (see the full interview here)

Who is Alison Jane?

alison ᐤ jane is a union of two women who met in college and quickly realized a mutual love of travel and textiles. Studies in both India and Greece underscored a great pull to multicultural influences and indigenous cultures. Over the years the two women have continued to explore and expand their knowledge of other countries during journeys together across the globe and incorporate bespoke experiences, ethnic art, and folkloric significance into their creative endeavors. While the two have followed different career paths, they have managed to make collaboration a priority throughout their years of friendship. Together, they combine skill and years of technique development into hand-painted textiles, multi-media assemblages, and creative writing and photography. 


Describe your design process.

Most often there is an idea to convey or colors that prevail to carry through the content. As designers of multimedia , the process may be limitless. There are numerous avenues to incorporate images and color . Often we decide on either antique or contemporary papers, at times using the transfer process, found objects or fabric to later and blend with paint. Tools may include a toothpick, knife, dental tools, rag, glass, toothbrushes, etc.. limitless as well! 

Much further in the process, the top most layers are formed. The piece itself  indicates texture whether it be wax, gloss, matte, or possibly folded fabric. We return to the canvas multiple times during the process , always open to changes.  It is ongoing , marrying the story to the textures and hues.


What is some advice you can off to other women and girls who want to find a creative outlet in art?

To women pursuing the creative arts.... remain open to the world around you.. take note; slow down, observe and linger... let yourself integrate with an image, thought, or color that speaks to you. Allow for the marriage of life and art to occur. 

Perfection is not the goal. Do not be afraid your ideas will not work, or to make mistakes. You will make them and be a better creative from the exercise.   Be forgiving of experimental techniques. Developing your unique voice will take time to come together. Collaborations in life are wonderful. We are stronger as a team and all have something to contribute.


You can find more information about Alison Jane Design here.


With all of the scarves from this collection, 1% of sales with be donated to Alison & Jane's favorite organization, Charity Water.

"charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries."



Exploring India with Alison ᐤ Jane

Behind the Design // JASMINE & JAIN

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